Weeping and Mourning Through Easter–How, When, and Where Faith in Jesus’ Resurrection Really Began

Most readers of the New Testament Gospels focus on the well-known stories of Easter morning and the discovery of Jesus’ empty tomb with his subsequent “appearances” as a flesh and blood recusitated corpse to his followers–eating and proclaiming he is alive. However, sorting through all our sources together on what really happened Easter morning, it is clear that this view is a late development. In this video I pinpoint the earliest account of the discovery of the empty tomb–embedded in John 20:1-10–but now edited and overlooked, as well as texts that emphasize the birth of resurrection faith was not in Jerusalem on Easter but in the weeks to follow in the Galilee. I explain why this visionary faith parallels what Paul reports of his own experience as our only first person testimony to what resurrection faith first meant to Jesus followers.

In this Youtube video interview with Derek Lambert (@mythvisionpodcast), I make an attempt to sort out some of the confusion in our gospel sources.


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