Publications & Papers

Many more to come–I have just started uploading so check back often:

The Talpiot Jesus Tomb: A Historical Analysis.” In The Tomb of Jesus and His Family? Exploring Ancient Jewish Tombs Near Jerusalem’s Walls: The Fourth Princeton Symposium on Judaism and Christian Origins, eds., James H. Charlesworth and Arthur C. Boulet. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 2013, pp. 247-266.

Wadi el-Yabis and the Elijah “Wadi Cherith” traditions in Relationship to John and Jesus in the Gospel of John,” paper presented at the AAR/SBL Annual Meeting, 2011.

CIIPNotes6-13-2011 based on reading Hannah M. Cotton, et al. Corpus Inscriptionum Iudaeae/Palestinae, Volume I:Jerusalem. Part 1:1-704 (Berlin: De Gruyter, 2010).

Testing a Hypothesis,” by James D. Tabor, Near Eastern Archaeology 69:3-4 (2006) 132-136. My first published article on the Talpiot “Jesus” tomb.

 “Two Messiahs: The Evidence,” an unpublished compilation of texts and notes.