What Christian Apologists Miss About the “Empty Tomb”

Those who have read my books or this blog for some years now will know this basic position I have advocated for the past few years on “What Really Happened Easter Morning.” My understanding allows for both the Talpiot tomb–or some other tomb in Jerusalem–as the final resting place for Jesus and his family–and at the same time the origins of faith in Jesus’ resurrection, whether one  doubts or accepts  the visionary experience of Paul and the others who had such “sightings” after the cross.  If you are a doubter, you are in good company. According to Matthew, even some of the eleven apostles, DOUBTED what they saw on a Mountain in the Galilee.

Others in my field might share the position I take here, though I can’t think of any colleagues who have argued the same points. I think it holds together remarkably well, and supplements the Hellenistic view of Apotheosis that is so common in the period.  See my book, Paul’s Ascent to Paradise on that point.

For a fuller analysis of the overall idea see my blog post: WhyPeople are Confused on the Earliest Christian View of Resurrection of the Dead.


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