I am Back–Stay Tuned for Much More!

I took a bit of a hiatus during the first half of February on the blog. I had been posting a lot in January and I wanted to give folks a chance to catch up, but my main reason was I have been putting in all of my free time developing my new Youtube Channel which I hope you will visit, browse, and please subscribe and hit the “bell” to receive notifications: @jamestaborvideos. There is much more coming. I have put up over 30 edited videos in the past month covering a wide range of materials. The more subscribers I get the better algorithms so that Youtube prioritizes my site for those browsing, which I would like to see happen. Justing from the emails I get so many are wandering through the labyrinth of trying to understand Jesus, his movement, and early Christianity and how it developed. I certainly don’t have “the answers,” but I have put in decades of research that I am pleased to share.

So far as this blog goes I have decided to post things just two or at the most three times a week. Writing a really solid blog post takes anywhere from two to three hours. And I want my posts to be substantial–full of good and new information as well as analysis. If you have not subscribed to this blog see the right sidebar–or on some devices–the bottom of any page. You will see where you can sign up for notifications via email. Scroll further down and you can also get my monthly newsletter. I never share emails so no worries on signing up in that regard. Last year I published a retrospective on my fifteen years of blogging–see “Looking Back on Fifteen Years of Blogging.”

So stay tuned…lots more coming. And please subscribe, like, and share on your social media outlets. My new Youtube channel, for now at least, allows comments. As you can imagine those videos are drawing–ah, let’s call it a “rich variety” of perspectives, and I am generally allowing anyone to post whatever they wish, so long as they are respectful.

P.S. Finally, if you are interested in “all things Tabor,” as well as “all things Biblical,” I have my personal blog you can also sign up for: genesia.org. There I take off my academic “Bible” hat and post on a wide range of philosophical, artistic, scientific, and personal subjects, that might be of interest to some of you.


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