TaborBlog Around the Globe…almost…

When I began this blog in 2005 it was called¬†The Jesus Dynasty. Over the years it grew and expanded, to cover much more than the historical Jesus–the the drop down menu “Categories.” The traffic has increased over the years at least 10-fold, with several millions of page views and visits.

The international reach is just amazing and growing fast as I have begun my YouTube Channel, which has a vastly greater reach and audience size. Since videos on that site have drawn 300,000 views just recently. There are only TWO counties I am not reaching–in a recognizable way–Iran and Turkmenistan, where apparently the blog is blocked. However, that does not mean people who are not picks up by the statistic programs that measure, have not found other ways to view. Anyway, here are the countries with over 1000 views in April, 2023. It might surprise you what is on this list and what is not.

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