November Things . . .

A short note to readers: The month of October I took a break from posting on the blog due to personal family reasons–we have had two deaths in the family in recent months, as well as being out of the country the last of the month.

I just returned from  leading a tour to Israel–the first I have been able to do, given Covid-19 shutdowns–since March 2020. It was my 73rd trip. I am happy to report that Israel is booming with tourism and things are coming back. One of the supervisors at Masada–the most visited site in the country–told me that the numbers are at an all-time high. My next tour is March 17-28, 2023 and is filling up fast. More in my next blog post about that.

My retirement in July of this year I characterize as someone saying to me–keep doing what you are doing with your research–but we are giving you 50+ extra free hours a week! As much as I loved the life of a Professor for 43 years at three major universities–teaching, directing theses, and administration–doing the job of a full-time senior professor is more than a 50-hour a week job!

I have a whole lineup of new posts and research materials on everything from my usual treatment of historical Jesus materials, including John the Baptist, James, Paul, and Mary–as well as new areas of investigation both archaeological and textual that are opening our understanding of Christian Origins to new vistas. My Youtube Channel, @jamestaborvideos, is approaching 18K subscribers, with new materials posted several times a week. If you have not yet subscribed you can hit the link and do so–and also choose “notifications.”

There is something about November in our northern hemisphere–I love Gregory Lenz’s words: “Welcome sweet November, the season of senses and my favorite month of all.” Passing through the “dog days” of August, the crazy rush of September, and the beginning of the turn to Fall–November peaks things off. Thanksgiving is my favorite American holiday and one feels the weather shift, the leaves falling, and everything becomes magical and surreal with the sun bright and warm along the way. I hope your November is a good one and you will find this blog and my associated endeavors valuable to your life. I wanted to share this photo with you–my last night in the Negev desert, at biblical Tamar–where I always end my tours. My expression is contemplative, but I was feeling deep appreciation and anticipation of the future, in one of my favorite spots on the planet. Lifting a glass of wine to you and yours! And I hope some of you can join me in March 2023.



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