Gleanings from Genesis: A New Weekly Program Based on the Transparent English Bible

I am very pleased and excited to announce the inauguration of a new weekly series you can listen to or download on the internet in which I discuss week-by-week the new Transparent English Bible’s “Book of Genesis,”–just released last week. You can get your copy at Amazon, US and International sites,  in print or Kindle versions. This is free of charge, no subscription price, courtesy of and my gracious hosts Jono Vandor and Ross Nichols.

The first program is just up on-line this morning. I invite you to listen, download, bookmark, share and follow along. You will find that the Transparent English Bible translation opens up an entirely new world of meaning to the ancient Hebrew text. Click on the image below to listen at your leisure and I think you will be drawn into the text as if you have never read it before. There are many great translation on the market of the Hebrew Bible, including Fox, Alter, the Koren, the JPS, but this one is refreshingly different as you will see. Order your copy now and we will begin with Genesis 1:1 next week: Book of Genesis.



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