Are you Ready to Travel–Israel in March 2022!

Come Walk those Ancient Paths with me…

My last trip abroad was to Israel in the first week of March 2020 leading a wonderful group of folks on a tour of the Holy Land. In fact, that was my last flight anywhere since. We were able to complete the tour but as we left for our various home countries Covid-19 was beginning to rage, and be recognized for what it was by the WHO and many governments. Israel began to shut down, flights were getting cancelled but we all made it home safely–even though some were delayed. The week I got back there were 1000 cases identified in the USA with 19 deaths. By Thursday of that week, March 12, our UNC Charlotte campus shut down and we began to teach all our classes using Zoom or other virtual media. The rest is history.

That was my 72nd trip to Israel. That was now 14 months ago. I travel a lot–usually to Israel two or three times a year–so this stay at home gap has been a significant one for me, as I know it has for all of you. We had a March 2021 trip planned but moved it to May, then to October of this year– but we are still not confident things will be “all clear” by Fall. We have now made the decision to just skip 2021  and have scheduled and reserved everything for March 4-14, 2022. Despite lingering Covid restrictions and the recent conflict between Israel and Gaza, we are opening up this trip for registrations. Those who had signed up before still have their places reserved. We are confident things will be okay by then for a safe and enjoyable trip.

I have a feeling people are ready to travel and there are many who have Israel on their “bucket list,” and some of my blog readers who have intended to go with me for years now. I think 2022 is going to be the year! Ross Nichols and I continue to improve our itinerary and have added new features.I don’t know of any two people you could better travel with, in terms of collective knowledge of the Bible, history, and archaeology–plus years of experience. The price is very basic given that our hotels are four star and this is not a boiler-plate “Holy Land” tour–far from it. If you go with me you will be exposed to many sites I have directly been involved in excavating and exploring, and you will get VIP “behind the scenes” treatment. We restrict our tours to one bus–usually about 33 people, so we can have the maximum of personal time together. It is a jam packed week that will change your life. To find out more about the trip, costs, itinerary, and all the rest–as well as how to reserve a spot–see this web site:

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