When “Jerusalem” Means Jerusalem: Christian Prophecy Belief on the Ground in the Holy Land

One of my main areas of focus and expertise over the decades has been the broad understanding of what might be called “Biblical Prophecy Belief,” from ancient to modern times–let’s just say from the Dead Sea Scrolls through contemporary Christian and Jewish interpretations in the 21st century.

I gave this lecture at the CENSUR 2017 conference (Center for Studies on New Religions) at the The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute in the opening session “Holy City: Jerusalem in New Religious Movements” session. My focus here is on how everything changed in terms of literal interpretations of biblical Prophecy with the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948, followed by the Six Day War in 1967. I am working on a new book with Cambridge University Press dealing with some of the more recent interpretations “on the ground” in the Holy Land, post 9-11. Here is a survey of how the interpretive framework has shifted since the early 20th century into our own time.

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