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YouTube Series: Special Topics

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I now have three special Topical Series on Youtube with several in the planning stages. We have a lot of new people joining us in 2024 so I wanted to post these very easy to use links. I invite you to check these out, some of you have followed these but you might have missed some, and these will be entirely new to others. 
Ideas of Death and Afterlife: A 10-part free of charge historical series on Youtube examining the various ideas of death and afterlife in the Western world over the past five thousand years—Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman, Jewish, and early Christian. Surprises await!
Bible Prophecy: An 25-part free of charge  academic study of Bible Prophecy through the Ages on YouTube, injecting a bit of historical reality into the apocalyptic craziness one hears so often in our challenging times.
And this one is ongoing:
Jesus Archaeology: An new ongoing (10 episodes so far) free of charge Youtube series “Jesus Archaeology,” in which I explore the historical figure of Jesus as a Jew in his own time, in the light of the textual and archaeological evidence.
Enjoy and share as you wish…