“Tracking Jesus”–What Do We Know and How Do We Know It?

This March 2023 Tour is Full.

The dates for 2024 will be announced Next Spring

This exclusive March 17-28, 2023 tour I like to call “Tracking Jesus.” This unique tour, unlike most church sponsored pilgrimages, focuses on one question–“What do we know about the historical Jesus and how do we know it?” Come explore with us–on the ground and under the ground with texts, geography, and archaeological evidence considered together.
Whether you have been to the Holy Land before, or this has always been on your “Bucket List,” this could well be the tour you have been looking for. Here is a revised descriptive Itinerary with information on costs and registration. The tour is limited to 30 travelers, we are already two-thirds full, but that leaves enough free spaces if you are interested and you go ahead and reserve your place with the deposit.
You can view here or download the PDF here for your own use.
TaborTour-Itinerary-March 2023

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