Join Us for the 24th Annual Bible and Archaeology Fest Online Only via Zoom

Do you recognize any of the faces below? Are you “free” to Zoom in and join us October 16-17, 2021 for an intense round of lectures and interchanges?

As we continue to recover globally from the Covid-19 disruptions to our lives the Biblical Archaeology Society 24th Annual Bible and Archaeology Fest will go on. Last year, in the midst of the pandemic, for the first time this event was held on-line and it was wildly successful–with record “virtual” attendance outstripping the past 22 years of face-to-face gatherings in major cities where the Society of Biblical Literature met. Once again, Zoom will be our medium. With no travel and hotel expenses many will be able to “come” who could otherwise not afford it.

Speakers and topics are still being organized but it is not too late to Register–and there is an “early-bird” special. See the BAS Web site for full details on speakers, topics, and prices: Bible and Archaeology Fest 2021

My plan is to speak about the controversial Moses Shapira “Dead Sea” Scroll strips, made public in 1883, declared a forgery, but now “resurrected” after 138 years with some major scholars arguing they are authentic ancient texts. What do we know and how do we know it? Forgery or oldest biblical manuscripts ever discovered? See “A Shapira Dead Sea Scrolls News Roundup” for background on this controversy. The best and most readable account of these manuscripts, Shapira himself, and a transcription of the texts recovered from our 19th century records see Nichols’s blog and book, The Moses Scroll (the

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