Are You Down for a Two Hour Free-Ranging Conversation about Paul, Jesus, James, and the Shaping of Earliest Christianity?

Yesterday I recorded a two-hour conversation with Paul Williams of the UK whose Youtube Channel, “Blogging Theology,” has over 40,000 subscribers. We mainly drew our discussion from my books Paul and Jesus and The Jesus Dynastybut towards the last segment we began to deal as well with  James the brother of Jesus, the Ebionites, and even the influence of Jewish and Judaeo-Christian groups in Arabia on the prophet Mohammed in his earlier formulations of what became Islam.

I love the free-ranging format and Paul is a superb interviewer who allows his guests to express themselves rather fully with no pressure to produce sound-bites or “tidbits” of this or that alluring topic. Take a look at past interviews and you will find much of interest with many of the leading academics in the field of Christian Origins and ancient religion more generally.

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