Are You Ready for My Two Hour Interview on Paul and Jesus?

Yesterday I did a a two-hour interview with David LeBlanc, who hosts a Youtube channel that covers all sorts of Biblically related topics. Yep, you read that right TWO HOURS. We mainly talked about my 2012 book Paul and Jesus which continues to draw a strong readership after nearly a decade. My goal in that book was a simple one–“to get Paul right.” I have found over the years that both the Paul lovers and the Paul bashers love this book. I am hoping that is because I succeed in my goal to some degree. What is “Paul’s gospel,” as he calls it? And depending on ones approach, presuppositions, and religious faith, the answer to that question determines where one comes out.

I also talk about my new 2020 book, Paul’s Ascent to Paradise–which is revised from my dissertation done back in the 1980s–that is available in hardcover, paper, and Kindle formats. This one focuses on Paul’s claims about mystical visionary experience and how that informs his idea of his mission and his message.

Anyway, no one could even begin to discuss all the issues I cover in these book but we do make a good stab at it. So if you are ready for a “deep dive” on Paul–this might be the interview you are looking for!

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