My Interviews with Robert Kuhn on his “Closer to Truth” PBS Program

Here is a link to my Contributor page on Dr. Robert L. Kuhn’s amazing program, “Closer to Truth,” that has videos of all my interviews, as well as other information. I have known Robert for 56 years–his Ph.D. is in Brain science; mine in ancient Mediterranean history and religion. In his amazing programs, now in their 20th year, he explores all the “Big Questions” under the rubrics of Cosmos, Consciousness, and Meaning. His guests are a Who’s Who across all scientific and humanities fields and his interview style and technique I find quite remarkable. Check out the web site–If you are not familiar with this remarkable resource you can explore endlessly–by topic, category, or persons. The programs are also being uploaded to Youtube and of course there is a podcast and lots of other special programming.

James Tabor

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