Tracking John the Baptizer and His Followers–Including Jesus!

This video lecture from 2006 covers new textual and archaeological evidence on “Yochanan HaMatvil,” or “John the Dipper,” including the Suba cave west of Jerusalem of which I have written much over the years–in both my books (especially The Jesus Dynasty –which is on sale right now in paperback for $14. If you have not read it I think you will find it a real “page turner,” unlike many dry historical studies. Also, here on this blog there is lots more, see especially, “The Suba ‘John the Baptist’ Cave Revisited.”

Even though the filming is not the best quality, I am “resurrecting” some of these older lectures because they not only capture the times–but also cover materials that I have not touched upon in many years. All the handouts and references are now found at, just do a search for “John the Baptist,” there is a lot, including this special six part seriesEssays on John the Baptist .”

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