My Popular Web site “The Jewish Roman World of Jesus” Has a New Location


Back in 1996 I began to develop a web site called “The Jewish Roman World of Jesus” to which I uploaded all sorts of original sources and handouts related to my my undergraduate and graduate classes. It was initially hosted and developed by my friend Mike McKinney, at Over the passing years I moved it to my UNC Charlotte faculty web page and continued to add to it. It has grown enormously, with over sixty documents–many of them primary source materials. It became immensely popular as colleagues and students around the world began to use these materials. It has since been moved and reorganized several times as the University and as my department changed and developed its web presence. It used to have a “counter” showing web traffic and by 2012 it had reached twelve million page views in over 150 countries.

Since I am retiring at the end of this semester I have moved it to a new Web site–easy to remember:  It is still UNDER CONSTRUCTION, so check back often, as I am working on formatting and other features that need updating. I will be adding all sorts of new materials–photos, videos, and fresh materials from my 45 years of teaching–handouts, lecture notes, and related source materials–much of which I have translated fresh from Greek texts.

Eventually I plan to integrate it into this blog site and but for now there is a wealth of material I wanted to make available to all of you my readers. On the Home page you will see the broad Categories listed–and they contain drop-down menus with individual documents and sources.

For UPDATES please subscribe here on this page in the right sidebar–or with a mobile device–at the bottom. Your email is never shared. You can also sign up for my monthly newsletter if you scroll further down. 

But in the meantime–feel free to visit this site and browse and enjoy the materials! You can click on the image below to take you there:


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