New Blog Feature: Primary Sources from my Four Decades of Teaching & Research

If you check the dropdown menu at the top of any page on my TaborBlog you will see an emerging new feature titled “The Jewish-Roman World of Jesus.” During my years at UNC Charlotte these materials were on a university web site used by my students in my courses–but since it was public it got picked up by many others. At once point that university web site had over 5 MILLION views–after that I quit counting. Check it out at the link above.

It will eventually contain most of my primary college course materials that I have used regularly in my classes on early Christianity, ancient Judaism, and Hellenistic religions over the past 40 years at Notre Dame, William and Mary, and UNC Charlotte. Many are original sources. They are organized below into six general categories. Over the next few months I will be publishing here two or three new posts a week. I hope my readers will find them useful for all kinds of purposes–personal study and research, teaching Bible study classes, or even college courses. These materials are the framework of much of my research over the years on ancient Judaism and Christian Origins.

  1. Historical Overview: Essential Beginning Readings
  2. Hellenistic/Roman Religion and Philosophy
  3. Archaeology and the Dead Sea Scrolls
  4. Christian Origins and the New Testament
  5. Ancient Judaism
  6. Other General Areas

I will also be offering a series of on-line video courses, the first of which is already up and running. Here is a one minute overview “pitch” with the link to take the course in the notes–but just to make it easy, you can click here:


When you take one of these courses you own it for life. You also get the video lectures, along with a substantial Study Guide with each course, containing outlines, notes, maps, and extensive bibliographies for further reading. The courses will cover a variety of topics–running the gambit of what I have taught over the years–John the Baptizer; the historical Jesus; James the brother of Jesus; the apostle Paul; Mary mother of Jesus; Mary Magdalene; the Dead Sea Scrolls; Hellenistic Religions and Cosmology; the Mystery Religions; Ancient Apocalypticism, the Book of Revelation, the Archaeology of Early Christianity; Digging up Ancient Jerusalem; Gnosticism; Lost Christianities; Introduction to Religious Studies–and more.

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