Let’s Take a Deep Dive into Jesus, Paul, and Emerging Christianity!

In this three-part multi-series interview with Paul Williams, who hosts the widely popular Youtube Channel @bloggingtheology, we explore in some depth an overview of my decades long work trying to come to terms with the historical Jesus, the apostle Paul, and the emergency of something that could be distinctively called “Christianity,” that is, a recognizable movement happily and self-consciously separate from various “Judaisms” of the time. Think Ignatius or the letter of Barnabas!

I love interviewing with Paul Williams. He is smart, well read, prepared, and his questions are as provocative in themselves as my responses. These three topics really offer a nice overview of many–though not all–of my core perspectives on “Christian Origins.”

The Youtube wisdom out there is that interviews longer than 5-10 minutes will not get any traction…folks just don’t have the attention span for something, God-forbid–that goes 30 minutes or more! Well I can say from experience, that all depends on ones audience! Many of my blog readers have been delving deeply–countless hours–into anything they can find that appears to present responsible historical evaluation. By-and-large, they want MORE not less. And that is the audience I am after–those of you who have read this blog post this far!  Welcome!

Please enjoy, share, and subscribe to my Youtube Channel if you have not. Apparently that is how Professor Google decides what to promote and what to let lie fallow…so your interest and views give me “favor” in his all-knowing Perceptions!

  1. Fresh Eyes on Paul–Moving Everything from Earth to Heaven
  2. The Earliest Testimony to Jesus’ Resurrection Was Visionary
  3. Was Jesus a Torah Observant Jew? It’s Complicated


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