How Christian Apologists Unintentionally DESTROY the Gospels

In this extended video interview with Derek Lambert most of Youtube channel MythVisionPodcast, we explore how well intentioned Christian apologists, thinking they “do God a service,” in fact end up DESTROYING the very New Testament Gospels they claim to honor and love. This lecture, along with the slides, is what I regularly present in college level classes.

Expect to learn and be surprised!

If you find this presentation helpful and enlightening check out my entire course on the Gospel of Mark that will appeal to anyone–skeptic or “believer,” in trying to understand this very mysterious and complex work–the very first Jesus Story. In the course I show how these same comparative methods of gospel study yield enlightening results that many devout Christian readers miss, but could greatly benefit from. You will own the course for life and it comes with a Study Guide, maps, bibliography, and text of Mark that I use. Here is the link:

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