Dershowitz’s “Shapira Dead Sea Scroll” Story Hits Front Page of International NYTimes

Today’s international weekend edition of the New York Times has the Moses Shapira “Dead Sea Scroll” story, that appeared on-line March 10th, on the front page, above the fold!

Congratulations to Idan Dershowitz for his years of painstaking work on the 1878 Shapira Scroll fragments–which have disappeared–trying to reconstruct them and evaluate them in the light of modern scholarship. And to Jennifer Schuessler for her marvelous investigative reporting and sourcing on this important story. In 1883 they were declared to be forgeries by many leading European biblical scholars, but Dershowitz has opened that case again, with newly discovered evidence and a careful analysis of the entire Shapira Saga. If you have missed the story until now, I provide a nice “roundup” of the initial story, reactions, and resources, in my post last week: “A Shapira Dead Sea Scrolls News Roundup,” so you can catch up.

If any of my readers can get me a printed copy of this edition of the international NYTimes please let me know via email. I will arrange for shipping and pay all costs. jdtabor [at]

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