Canceling Jesus!

This one jumped to #1 on my Youtube Channel in one hour…take a listen. The historical Jesus has been robbed and stripped of his religion as a Jew, his core Messianic ideas, and his reality as a human being–all by Hellenistic theological motifs taking over his movement in the 2nd century. This is not the whole story, but the beginning…listen to five minutes and you could get hooked. Please like and share as you wish.

Let’s give Jesus back his life! I really mean that. My 50 years of studying Christian Origins has brought me to the same basic realization…the “real” Jesus has been totally overwritten by Christian theology, and the historical figure of Jesus (thanks E. P. Sanders!), has been robbed of everything he held dear!  Those who say they love Jesus should care. I realize this goes beyond the typical non-passionate presentation of historical ideas, but historians can have emotions and to totally misrepresent a good Jewish man–who happens to be the most influential person in history–is that not some kind of moral crime? The culprits, I will leave for future discussion, but I have laid out much in my books and publications.


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