The Lost Years of Jesus Revealed at Last!

There are all sorts of legends about Jesus between the years of 12 and 30 traveling to Egypt, India, and even the British Isles. However, a knowledge of the history and the geography of his hometown of Nazareth, and recent archaeological excavations at Sepphoris, just 4 miles to the north, which was the urban capital of Herod Antipas, which was being rebuilt as Jesus was growing up , has opened a new possibility. In this narration I explore this questions and what it might have meant to refer to Jesus as a “carpenter,”–which turns out to be a mistranslation of the Greek word in Mark 6:3 where we find that description.

I posted this video overview of the topic on my Youtube channel about six weeks ago and never imagined it would have drawn such interest. As of today it has 370,000 views! Most of my videos do quite well, typically getting to 10-20K in a few weeks. But 370K–that I never expected. I know many of my blog readers have been following my Youtube Channel as well, but if you missed this, I wanted to highlight it:


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