Bible & Interpretation: A Richly Informative Resource



Some of you perhaps know the richly informative web site  Bible and Interpretation with the by-line: “News and Interpretations on the Bible and Ancient Near East History.” If you don’t know it I encourage you to take a look–and be sure to notice the two books featured on the web page–upper left Home Page! They might look a bit familiar to some of you–I hope to many of you.

Anyway, the site was recently revamped with a new design and it has an archive of over 2000 posts and articles–just waiting for endless searching and browsing. For example, it clearly has the best collection of materials on the Talpiot tombs, the James Ossuary, Archaeology and the Media, and a dozen other major topics (see Home page side bar for starters). I use the site regularly in most of my classes. If you don’t know it you are in for a treat–and probably a few hours of happy browsing!

The site is managed by Mark Elliot (University of Arizona) and Patricia Landy, with input and support from co-editors Paul V.M. Flesher (University of Wyoming), J.E. Wright (University of Arizona), and Jennie Ebeling (Department of Archaeology and Art History, University of Evansville). Thanks to Mark and the whole team for such a great resource.

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