My University Web Site Available to All: The Jewish Roman World of Jesus

I regularly get queries from readers asking whether my university courses are on-line or available to the public. Although during this “year of Covid” I have been teaching on-line–and will next semester–registering requires admission and enrollment through the university, with normal tuition payments–which I think is not what most people have in mind. However, short to taking one of my courses, much of the content I use in my core courses (Christian Origins, Jesus, Paul, Dead Sea Scrolls, Apocalypticism, John the Baptist, James) is available on-line free of charge on my university Web site, The Jewish Roman World of Jesus, which I invite you to visit and bookmark. I will be updating and expanding it considerably in 2021.


I began the web site way back in 1993 and I thank Mike McKinney, who runs Century One Bookstore, who designed it for me when I was just getting into the internet and learning some of the basics.  The site contains a world of resources, mostly primary texts, that I use in my various classes on Christian origins, both graduate and undergraduate. One of my more ambitious students printed out the entire web site and I think it ended up running over 500 pages! I invite you to endless browsing and learning. Various professors, colleagues, and students have linked to it in their courses and it has a very high traffic volume. We have had over three million visits since its founding.

I invite you to visit, bookmark, and check back on the site. You are free to use the materials posted there for your own study and teaching but I ask you not to repost them on the internet but refer people back to my site–as everything is copyrighted by the University of North Carolina, State of North Carolina.

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