An Invitation to Visit and Subscribe to My Newly Developed Youtube Channel

My Newly Developed YouTube Home Page: Take a Look here.

I spent many hours this past week organizing and updating my YouTube channel which was kind of a mess–it was mainly anything and everything I had liked or viewed in the past decade or so!

I wanted to invite all of you to check it out, like, share, and especially SUBSCRIBE–which you can do by clicking the red button to the right of the site. I have just begun to upload materials and there is lots more to come. I am trying to focus on all my interviews, lectures, and films first–collecting them all together so you can conveniently access them anytime. There is already quite a bit there, including a completely new program on What Happened at Waco–with the Koresh/Branch Davidian tragedy. So far as I know it is the most comprehensive things every produced in terms of an in depth academic analysis.

Here is the link for the site itself:

And here is the new Waco video I am featuring right now:

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