Was this House “Ground Zero” for the Birth of the Jesus Movement?

Most people think of Jerusalem as the HQ of the emerging Jesus Movement, but the real “Ground Zero” was the city of Capernaum (Kafar Nahum–ancient village of Nahum the prophet) on the Northwest of the Sea of Galilee. It could well be called the official “birthplace” of the Jesus movement–quite literally, in a single first century house that has been excavated. This house became the base of operations for the revolutionary provisional government that Jesus established for the future Kingdom of God. In this video I explore both the textual as well as the archaeological evidence, shedding additional light on the cultural background of Jesus and his followers. Here is a FREE link to the PDF document of New Testament texts that deal with Capernaum: http://jamestabor.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/01/The-Jesus-HQ-at-Capernaum.pdf

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