Tis’ the Season…Winter Solstice End of 2023 Greetings!

Dear Friends,

Since retiring and expanding my public connections via Youtube (50K subscribers), on-line courses, interviews, and blog posts, I can’t always answer  comments, questions, and emails directly—I just get too many—right now 50-75 a day with just emails, with a backlog of many more.  And I get hundreds of comments on Youtube for each video I post. As you may know, many academics don’t respond to emails at all, but I do read them all. I wish I could sit down and talk with each one of you who contact me–especially those who follow my work on this blog–several thousand of you! 

These varied emails often have a wide variety of questions about my work and field of research.  Often, what people write me about I have dealt with on my TaborBlog (jamestabor.com)  or in my Youtube videos (@jamestaborvideos), or my on-line public courses—and of course in the books I have published ( https://jamestabor.com/books) which can be searched or consulted. You will find these and lots of other links below.

In terms of more direct personal contact I have a self-selected group I call my “Tabor Research Community” using Patreon as the software for communication (https://www.patreon.com/jamesdtabor). This smaller collective gathering of folks is not so much for major fund raising, but as a way of identifying a group of really engaged folk with whom I can deal more directly. I post things there several times a week, noting news, research, and other “inside” less public exchanges. All levels of paid membership receive the same benefits—contributions go into a research fund—so you are advancing scholarship. I respond to messages and I also meet on Zoom with Q&A once a month with these patrons—I therefore call it my “Research Community.” Check out the link above and I hope to see many of you there as we head into 2024–with lots of things ahead. 

In addition I meet once a month via Zoom with students  signed up for latest  on-line course, currently that is “Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls.” Students work at their own pace and we come together for discussions in the Zoom meetings.

On December 30th we are having a “Grand Reunion” Zoom meeting with students in my Mark course, the Dead Sea Scrolls course, and all my patron “Research Community.” So if you sign up for any of these you will get a private invitation that will be sent out next week on Thursday.

I also have a monthly newsletter connected to this TaborBlog—you can signup in the sidebar or if you are using a mobile device at the bottom of each page,  and also a separate form to receive notifications when I post something new.   Emails are secure and never shared. And you can subscribe to my Youtube channel and choose notifications for new posts—there is a lot coming on a wide variety of topics. 

So there you have it: Youtube, this blog and a personal one, Genesia, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Academia, and yes, of course X (formerly Twitter!). Hope to see you around in the New Year!

Warmest best wishes to you and all your families, friends, and loved ones!


Shimon Gibson and I Discussing the Shapira Scroll and the Copper Scroll last Week


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