April DeConick Talks Some Sense on the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife Fragment

 I have kept a low profile on my blog about this fragment because I do not think that the blog is the best venue to vet manuscript finds like this.  Why?  Because the distribution of knowledge happens too quickly on blogs, before we have had time to really sort through everything, test our hypotheses, ask more questions that our hypotheses raise, and change them as necessary.  People make fast claims to be the first like a “news flash”, sometimes very bold and sensational, and then, because blog posts are public, reputations end up on the line.  So it becomes personal very fast. And this can crowd out the truth which most often is slow in coming after a long process of reflection and revising. Prof. April DeConick, Rice University

Screen Shot 2014-05-08 at 12.18.17 PMApril Deconick, as ever, talks some sense about the “Gospel of Jesus Wife” fragment and it sounds like some of the bloggers out there need to slow down a bit–especially those who have declared the case “closed” and are giving one another “high fives” for exposing the twin forgeries of the Gospel of John and the Gospel of Jesus’ Wife fragments. Assertions about “the same hand,” an “identical pen,” and “the same ink” seem a bit astounding coming from folks who presumably have no expertise or training in such areas. By and large the physical evidence published in the special issue of Harvard Theological Review is being ignored. Anyway, here is April’s very perceptive piece and one can only hope her cautionary warnings will have some effect:

On the “Ugly Sister” issue don’t miss this perceptive piece by Eva Mroczek–maybe the most important thing I have seen in print on the subject this week: “”Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” Less Durable Than Sexism Surrounding It, as well as the totally off-base response of Jim West here, missing all her major points and basically demonstrating the case she makes, plus Deconick’s response to responses like West’s here.

Finally, on the whole complex and crazy controversy with all the players laid out, and all the relevant links, see Michael Grondin’s absolutely wonderful summary account here. Thanks Michael, from us all!

P.S. And while you are at April’s blog notice the wonderful new format and be sure and subscribe to her e-mail alerts–and no, she did not pay me to say this.