Is There Any Credible Archaeological Evidence for the Earliest Followers of Jesus?

This lecture lays out what I believe is the earliest archaeological evidence related to the followers of Jesus. The standard view of many historians–though not all–is that we have nothing from the early Christians until the late 2nd or early 3rd centuries. Here I deal only with materials that are prior to 70 CE. BTW, the lovely woman that is caught in the mirror to the right of the frame is my wife Lori–if you get bored you can watch her watch me!


For full documentation and elaboration see my book, The Jesus Discovery and this summary of evidence presented at a special Society of Biblical Literature meeting devoted the book: “An Overview of the Tombs at Talpiot.”

For an even more recent update see: “New Evidence on the James Ossuary and its Probably Connection to the Talpiot Tomb.

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