What’s What with the Earliest View of the Resurrection of Jesus?

One of my most popular posts over the years has is titled “Why People are Confused about the Earliest View of Resurrection of the Dead.” It has had over 10,000 views since I posted it in 2015. By resurrection I mean both that of Jesus, as reported in various documents in the New Testament, and that the one associated with the “return” of Christ at the end of the age. Most people have in their heads the popular Easter Sunday image of Luke and John–where Jesus appears as “flesh and bones” among his disciples, eats with them, and shows them his wounds from the crucifixion (Luke 24:36-43; John 20:19-23). What few realize is that this is the latest, not the earliest, testimony to Jesus’ resurrection. In a recent interview with Paul Williams, host of the popular program “Blogging Theology,” I lay this out in some detail, about as clearly as I think I have ever tried to express things. You can watch or listen to it on my new YouTube channel. If you find this discussion useful please “Like” the video and subscribe to the channel, as I will be posting much more over the coming days:

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