Tabor YouTube Channel Blowing Up…

I had never really paid much attention to Youtube until two weeks ago. I decided to clean up my Channel and begin posting videos and links under various categories, organizing things and pulling in all sorts of long-lost materials. I had no idea there was so much, both my material and others. Anyway, check it out here James Tabor YouTube Channel. and please subscribe. If I get over 1000 subscribers I can move to another level in terms of views and wider access. Several of these videos have views in the thousands.

Here’s one I had totally forgotten about. I think it might have been the very first recording I ever did myself–way back in 2005 before my book The Jesus Dynasty came out. I think my voice is a bit monotone–I hope not boring! But I was talking without notes and just letting ideas flow. See what you think on the Youtube link below.

BTW, I have a “friend”–meaning someone very critical of my work–who wrote recently–Look, Tabor’s Magnum Opus you can now get on Amazon for $1.99–next it will be on the “free tables” in Manhattan–please take! What is funny about this rude comment is that I think that is more than fine. I want people to READ the book. Those who think authors make a huge profit on trade books are sadly misinformed. After all the other costs an average book selling for $20 would hardly net the author even $1.00. So yes, if you can get it for $1.99–and it is in good shape–go for it, with my blessing! I will spent the $.10 I get wisely and even buy you a cup of coffee if we meet one another in the future, while you tell me all about reading the book!

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