Do We Need to Go Back to the Drawing Board on the Pool of Siloam?

Rethinking the Pool of Siloam

This article speaks for itself but if Szanton is correct we have all been wrong now for several years. Notably, the excavations of the huge pool with the steps have not turned up what everyone expected. I have taken groups there for years, but in 1962 on my first visit to Jerusalem (then Jordan), we visited the “old” Pool and were told it was Siloam. I remember standing there imagining Jesus and the blind man going down into that channel. 

Traditional Pool of Siloam 1962
Pool of Siloam Imagined

I will attach the academic article as well for those who want to dive a bit deeper…and I await hearing from Shimon Gibson, Ronny Reich, Dan Bahat and others…

Szanton Antiquot 2023 Siloam and Solomon’s Pools

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