The Most Reasonable Contribution to the “Jerusalem Stone” Inscription Controversy I Have Seen

Ophel Looking West

Ross Nichols has just uploaded on a very balanced and reasonable set of reflections on the “Jerusalem stone” inscription and the resulting controversies that broke over the weekend–see my “Breaking News and Updates” posted here on my blog this morning–with quite a few links that fill in the backstory on this rather fascinating discussion.

On the site of the stone,  and its archaeological context, along with photos and images, and analysis see, “A Matzevah Temple from the Period of the Patriarchs in the City of Salem, Later the City of David,” by Eli Shukron and Yoel Bin-Nun.

I find Nichols’s sage observations quite helpful and you can download a free copy at his web site:

The Tendency of Showing Great Scholarship–Déjà vu–Some Observations on the Jerusalem Stone Tablet Inscription by a Non-Specialist


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