The Making of a Messiah

In this video lecture I survey what might be called the “dynamics of Messianic identity”–or even “self-identity,” in the late 2nd Temple period of Judaism, as well as the emergence of what eventually became “Christianity.”

For more resources related to this topic see these blog posts as well as my published article available as a PDF:

Blog posts:

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Did Jesus Claim to Be the Messiah and Anticipate His Suffering and Death?

Article: “Are You the One? The Textual Dynamics of Messianic Self-Identity,” in Knowing the End from the Beginning: The Prophetic, the Apocalyptic, and their Relationships, edited by Lester L. Grabbe and Robert D. Haak, Journal for the Study of the Pseudepigrapha Supplement (Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 2004), pp. 180-191.


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