The Last Great Day Has Arrived–Comparing the Two Messiahs!

We are living in the last days, on this LAST GREAT day of Gregorian Year 2023! We had a really wonderful ZOOM meeting yesterday with a mixture of students from both my on-line courses–Mark as well “Jesus and the Dead Sea Scrolls.” The meeting was recorded and will become part of each course.

I know some of you are already enrolled one or both of these courses–but others are not. I am hoping some of you might add this to your New Year’s Resolutions! In our ZOOM meeting we covered some of the core materials in Mark, as well as considering what we can know of the “Teacher of Righteousness,” leader of the Dead Sea Scroll community based on what we think is his first person “Meditations” written in the “Thanksgiving Hymns” found in Cave 1–hidden for two thousand years!

Along with Mark, the “Teacher” of the DSS community t makes an interesting comparison of what I have called “The Dynamics of Messianic Self-Identity.” In the case of Jesus we asked–Did he really predict and expect his suffering and death, OR was that invented by the author of Mark after the fact to bolster his Messiahship? My intention is to explore the question historically, not based on faith or presuppositions about his divine destiny. To get at that question we carefully examine the writings of the Teacher–as he too seems to think his destiny is found in Isaiah 53–but 100 years before Jesus came along.  After all the two “Messiahs” we know most about in the late 2nd Temple Period are the “Teacher” and “Jesus of Nazareth.”

Below is the link to sign up for either course–or both!

By clicking you are only taking a look on the course–not purchasing it. Also, you can divide your cost into three payments at no extra cost–just choose “Pay After” under “more,” when you check out. In January 2024 we will have a joint Zoom meeting for students in both courses, further pursuing this question together.

“Jesus & Dead Sea Scrolls”

Creating Jesus: Gospel of Mark:

Wishing you all the best in the New Year!


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