Tabor BookShelf: Which English Translation of the Dead Sea Scrolls Should I Use?


Geza Vermes, The Complete Dead Sea Scrolls in English 7th Edition (Penguin, 2012). I bought my first copy of this fine little paperback volume in 1973 in graduate school at the university of Chicago–it was the 1st edition and I still have it–and I have bought every edition since then. It has grown now from 258pp to 698pp! There are several other English translations that are useful–especially Wise/Abegg/Cook and Martínez, but for students and general readers I find this edition the best. This is the one I use in all my courses. It is relatively complete on all the main sectarian texts and contains a most helpful index, listing of all the Caves and the scrolls found in each, and a very full Introduction. (Kindle edition link)

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