Tabor Bookshelf: The Most Comprehensive Book on the Talpiot “Jesus Family” Tomb

Does the 1980 Talpiot “Jesus Family Tomb” have any likely connection to the historical Jesus of Nazareth and his family?

In January of 2008 a group of internationally renowned scholars from a broad range of disciplines met in Jerusalem to discuss that very question. Covering the archaeological facts about the discovery, Jewish burial customs during the late Second Temple period, first-century inscriptions, the Talpiot tomb, the James ossuary, the Holy Sepulcher, and more, this volume presents their expert perspectives on a much-publicized topic. This 608pp. volume of the collective essays, including one by yours truly, is the result.

James H. Charlesworth, editor, The Tomb of Jesus and His Family? Exploring Ancient Jewish Tombs Near Jerusalem (Eerdmans, 2013). In 1980 archaeologists unearthed a tomb near Jerusalem that contained a family’s ossuaries inscribed with some familiar New Testament names, including Mary, Joseph, and Jesus. In 2007 the Discovery Channel produced and broadcast a documentary called The Lost Tomb of Jesus, raising interest — and controversy — among the public and specialists alike. Could this actually be the tomb of Jesus and his family?

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