Study the Earliest Jesus Story–the Gospel of Mark with Dr. Tabor

My on-line mini-course on the Gospel of Mark, which was released on January 12th, is really doing well with lots of rave reviews and great questions and responses by those taking it. It is open to the public, non-credit, but lots of learning at your own pace. This course is the first of many I have planned–it is clear the interest is high in this sort of learning. We have a private webinar planned for students who have taken the Mark course coming up early March where we will discuss the course content further and take questions. You can get more details at this link:

When you take one of these courses you own it for life. You get the high quality 4K video lectures, along with a substantial Study Guide with each course, containing outlines, notes, maps, and extensive bibliographies for further reading. Future courses will cover a variety of topics–running the gambit of what I have taught over the years–John the Baptizer; the historical Jesus; James the brother of Jesus; the apostle Paul; Mary mother of Jesus; Mary Magdalene; the Dead Sea Scrolls; Hellenistic Religions and Cosmology; the Mystery Religions; Ancient Apocalypticism, the Book of Revelation, the Archaeology of Early Christianity; Digging up Ancient Jerusalem; Gnosticism; Lost Christianities; Introduction to Religious Studies–and more.

Listen to this one-minute overview pitch and you might well be convinced to give it a try.

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