Parlez-vous Français? My New Book “Marie” is out in French

I know many of my readers either speak or read French. I am most pleased and gratified to let everyone know that the French edition of my new book, The Lost Mary: From Jewish Mother of Jesus to Virgin Mother of God (Knopf, 2021) has just been published in French by Flammarion. The French title is Marie : De son enfance juive à la fondation du christianisme which translates as Marie: From his Jewish childhood to the foundation of Christianity.

I want to thank my kind and skillful editors at Flammarion, as well as the amazing translators
Cécile Dutheil de La Rochère and Nathalie Gouyé-Guilbert. They boldly moved ahead with publication plans, making it available in this age of COVID-19 and our worldwide crisis. None of us imagined, even in January, as the final steps toward publication were carried out, that we would be where we are today. Nonetheless, the book is now available through Amazon (paperback and Kindle) and other international booksellers, and I believe they will ship internationally. I absolutely love the cover! And below is a video I prepared to describe the book for the French edition.

I hope many of you will order the book–even if you are waiting for the English. It offers a good opportunity for you to brush up on your French–as I am doing now reading it!


Here is the Table of Contents as well as a glimpse inside the book–you can find more at the French Amazon site here.

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