My Most Exciting “Discovery”

I am often asked what I would consider to be my most satisfying discovery related to my study of “Christian Origins” over the years. I have made over 70 trips to the Holy Land over the span of my career–combining textual study with archaeological findings and geographical contexts. If I had to choose a single “discovery” it would be this one–based on my initial work in Jordan in 1992, along with four subsequent trips doing further research on this site. So far as I know, no one has put this together before, and in the ensuing decades I have become more and more convinced that what I present here remains highly plausible. This video is my first lecture on the topic in the late 1990s. Although the recording quality is outdated, the content is well captured–and it reflects the enthusiasm I experienced shortly after my second trip to this site. I will be converting the video that I took on this first visit to digital and will upload it soon as well. It is pretty exciting to watch–for me at least–and I hope for all of you. 

Some of the textual evidence I mention in the video, along with many more photos and illustrations, you can find on my Blog here: “A Jesus Hideout in Jordan”

You can also download an academic presentation of the topic here:

Wadi el-Yabis and the Elijah “Wadi Cherith” traditions in Relationship to John and Jesus in the Gospel of John

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