My Guest Post on Bart Ehrman’s Blog

I am honored to post as a guest celebrating the 10th anniversary of Bart Ehrman’s popular and informative blog today–highlighting my translation of the Book of Genesis,as well as the Transparent English Bible more generally. Normally Bart’s blog requires a subscription, which is a nominal fee, the proceeds of which go to charity, but this guest post is open to all. I will be responding to comments. I encourage you to become a member of Bart’s blog, I as I have been since the beginning. It is one of the two or three blogs I keep up with daily–truly an amazing resource, with links to an unending number of other resources and features. If you are interested in ancient Hellenistic religions, the historical Jesus, New Testament studies, early Christianity, or the academic study of the Bible there is no better place–other than my blog here of course!

The post also highlights my newest release from the Transparent English Bible, Selections from the Hebrew Bible, just out this week and available on Amazon.








You can check out the Guest Post here at this link–and if you subscribe to Bart’s blog you can comment on this and other posts:


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