Church of the Apostles Found on Mt Zion!

This groundbreaking article by the late Bargil Pixner, a Benedictine priest and my dear friend, mentor, and colleague, was published in Biblical Archaeology Review in May/June, 1990. For me it was a most important article–groundbreaking! Other than Jim Strange and Shimon Gibson, there is no one from whom I have learned more of ancient Jerusalem–both underground and what remains visible to this day–after nearly 2000 years! For much more on this topic and the site on Mt Zion see David Clausen’s comprehensive book: The Upper Room and Tomb of David: The History, Art, and Archaeology of the Cenacle on Mount Zion (Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2016).

I carried this copy of BAR magazine to Israel with me in July of that year  on my first of 70 trips since! Within days of my arrival I immediately went to the historic Dormition Abbey on Mt Zion to introduce myself to Fr. Pixner. We became fast friends over the next decades, until his death in 2002. You can read the article yourself made available by Michael McKinney of Center One Foundation, in this PDF version with side notes, published with permission from the late BAR editor, Hershel Shanks. Please allow time for this embedded PDF to load and you can zoom in as needed. You can visit Mike’s site for a hyperlinked version here.

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