My Final Exam is Based on These Six PBS Programs

This semester I have a class of 50 in my Religious Studies 1201 course: Introduction to Religion. For our final exam we are doing essays integrating the content of these six programs from the PBS “Closer to Truth” series with Dr. Robert L. Kuhn. You can watch these and many more at You can also do searches for subjects and names of those interviewed from every field of inquiry–science, religion, history, theology, philosophy–and all their subcategories–for example, try searching: James D. Tabor!

By the way, for Spring semester, which begins January 20th, many of us in my department are doing on-line courses, some meeting via Zoom at regular times (as mine), others asynchronous so you work at your own pace and schedule. The offerings of our department are truly amazing, see PDF below and you can download a copy here. For more information about our Distance Education, whether taking individual courses or on-line degree possibilities, see



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