More on Remembering Hugh Schonfield

I am posting here this morning a most informative document from my friend and fellow-scholar Greg Doudna, whose Ph.D. deals with the history and archaeology of the Dead Sea Scroll sectarian community (you can see some of his publications at this link).

In January 1985, Greg visited and interviewed Dr. Hugh Schonfield (1901-1988) at his London home.  Schonfield was 83 years old at the time. Based on his notes, not a recording, Greg wrote up an accurate account of that interview and has shared it with various friends over the years. I wrote him this morning and asked his permission to post it, which he graciously granted. He also commented in his email to me:

Also it is fitting and ironic in keeping with the unusual coincidence of your having been personally the cause, unknown to me at the time, for my having been introduced to a book of Schonfield in the first place, via James Olof Ribb, [namely] Those Incredible Christians which he lent to me so long ago at Big Sandy, which only years later I learned he had received from you. [You can read more about our remarkable mutual friend in my memorial tribute here: James Olof Ribb.]

I think my readers will find this Schonfield interview quite engaging on many levels:


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