Lost in Translation: Genesis 1:1 is NOT About the Creation of the World

The very first verse of the Bible–Genesis 1:1–which millions can quote by heart–is MIStranslated in most all major versions and all languages–with very few exceptions. The reasons are simple–Marketing and Commercialism. Who would buy a Bible translation that does not begin with “In the Beginning, God Created the Heavens and the Earth”? In this short exposition I dhow how the original Hebrew has a completely different meaning. It is not a philosophical or scientific statement–but rather a description of the ordering of the chaotic, empty, water covered, wind sweep, wasteland that was Planet Earth, WHEN the “Force of All Forces” (Elohim) begin to bring order out of the random chaos. For my translation of the Book of Genesis see: jamestabor.com/TaborGenesis

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