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I have the first of a two part guest post on Bart Ehrman’s blog.  It is about my newly published book on Paul where I lay out why I wrote it and next will write about how my mind has changed on Paul over 35 years. Most of you know who Bart is, professor at UNC Chapel Hill, New Testament scholar, and best selling author. I suppose at this point one might say he is the best known New Testament scholar on the planet–through his books and extensive media participation.

Years ago, when he started the blog, he decided to put a minimal fee ($25 a year and a trial subscription for less) to be a “member” of the Blog group and have access to full posts and all the other content. It was not to earn money—as very penny is given to feed the hungry, as he explains on his web site. Bart does not need money, his books have done very well. And he even offers free memberships to those who can not initially afford it. You can read all the details at his web site: see the Membership info at the top. I joined years ago and would not miss it. The membership fee assures that those who post are part of a defined group as there are lots of comments and interaction. You can just read, as I usually do, or you can jump in and participate. Bart has lots of guest posters and you also get to ask them questions. It is pretty fabulous. Anyway, here is the link to my first post. The second will be next week. To read it all you have to join up. I hope many of you will do so and you can participate in the discussion–as well as all future discussions.



Paul’s Ascent to Paradise. Guest Post by James Tabor


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