About This Blog


Welcome to my newly reorganized blog. I stepped into the newly emerging field of “biblioblogging” in April, 2006 with the publication of my book, The Jesus Dynasty. The blog at that time was called,accordingly, “The Jesus Dynasty.” My original focus was on the “historical Jesus” and issues related thereto. In order to accommodate a wider range of postings on “all things biblical,” I decided it would be best to inaugurate this new one, simply called “TaborBlog,” January 1, 2009. Many of the relevant posts from “The Jesus Dynasty” blog were migrated over to this one when I made the change, especially those covering the subject of the Talpiot Jesus family tomb, giving it a rich and deep archive reaching back to 2006. Since 2009 the scope and focus of the blog has broadened as the byline now reflects: “Religion Matters: From the Bible to the Modern World.”