Why the Royal Family of Jesus was Forgotten

Few think of Jesus of Nazareth as part of the royal family of David–even though Paul affirms the same as our earliest source–namely that he was descended from the messianic lineage of King David (Romans 1:3). Given that pedigree, that means Jesus’ brothers and sisters, as children of Mary, which I have argued elsewhere, would likewise be this royal family. Thus when James/Yaaqov, brother of Jesus, succeeds him in leading the Nazarene movement–we are talking about a Dynasty or Caliphate with bloodline succession. This lecture deals with that issue and why the emerging Christian Church was so bent on either playing down or in some cases erasing this dynastic family of Jesus. Hence the title of my best-selling book, The Jesus Dynasty: The Hidden History of Jesus, His Royal Family, and the Birth of Christianity (Simon & Schuster, 2006), which I hope viewers will consider reading. Here is a lecture I gave some time back in which I offer an overview of how and why Jesus’ very family was first forgotten and finally even denied its existence! This video already has over 20 thousand views! So it seems the interest in this matter is quite extensive. And why should it not be? Few of us are anything without our families. Can you imagine someday someone talking about your life and denying that your family even existed! This is what we are dealing with in the case of Jesus.

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