Waco After 25 Years: The People Who Were There

I have been invited to join Mike Collins “Charlotte Talks,” on WFAE our local NPR station, this Monday, Feb 12th, at 9am, for a Waco Redeux, with the “real” characters, namely survivor David Thibodeau and FBI chief negotiator Gary Noesner—both of whom have published books on the subject. The show is repeated in the evening, Mon-Thurs at 9pm and on Sat at 7am but you can listen live over the internet no matter where you are.  It is then archived and you and listen on-line anytime you wish.

I don’t know if you have been following all the “Waco” TV coverage. 2018 marks 25 years so there are a slew out outlets with specials, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and A&E I know about and I have interviewed with most of them. I think many of you know I published a book, with Gene Gallagher, in 1995, Why Waco (UC Berkeley University Press), still in print, and testified before Congress in 1995. I also spoke with Janet Reno in 1995, after the disaster, when she visited our campus.

The main event, getting massive publicity, is of course the six part scripted series “Waco” on Paramount TV (formerly Spyke TV), Wednesday evenings at 10pm EST  in which I in fact have a character—well at least a “composite” character—I am known as Dr. Arnold Tabor (so Phil Arnold’s role can be combined with my own!). So far the series has been really well done in my view. The third episode aired last Wednesday so there are three to go. There are major actors involved, including Taylor Kitsch and Michael Shannon. After each episode there are short segments interview with the “real” characters. You can catch these on Youtube or with the Paramount App—they are called Revelations of Waco . Mine was last week but I think I will be in the next two as well. Here is the master link, that connects to the rest:


Wish me well…I will do my best to represent what I know and experienced.

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